Extending Sale for Handprinted Cards Workshop

TGIF! And to give everyone a little more fun for the weekend, I’ve decided to extend the sale for my new online workshop, Heaps of Layered Handprinted Cards. Since the time frame for the sale was such a short time, I’ve decided to extend it another week and give more people a chance to take advantage of the discount. That means it’s only $35 through February 22, 2015. Then it goes up to $40 (which is still a great price).

(click here if you are having trouble seeing the video)

This video is a teaser for the workshop. Click here for more info and to sign up.

Have a great weekend everyone! And, if you’re single, don’t let Valentine’s Day get you down. Be your own Valentine! Make a date with yourself to get your art on. This workshop can get you jumpstarted, no matter what kind of card you are making. And, you really don’t have to turn it into a card. Instead of attaching the final layer to a card, attach it to a canvas for a finished piece of art. Or use it with your mixed-media art or art journal. Oh, I just had a great idea . . . attach it to the cover of a book! (going to go do that now!)

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