- black & white ruby

My Heart Hurts for Ruby

Note: I wrote this post July 10, 2018 but didn’t post it. I wanted to include photos of Ruby, but was too heartbroken to go through them then and prepare them for the post. And doing it now still brings back all of the painful heartache of losing my best friend.   I’ve lost my […]

Shelby is in the Hospital

Shelby was doing a little better since I brought her home from the vet on Friday. But by Monday, it seemed like she should be doing better than she was. She was eating, but very tiny amounts that didn’t seem to be enough. She could walk, but not well, and was very wobbly. Even so, […] - Shelby-3

Sweet Shelby is Sick

Shelby is my very sweet, 19 year-old cat. She and Goliath were best buddies, and she was kind of like a mother to him. She has a hyperthyroid, and is in kidney failure. But, both of those were being managed with medication and diet. We had just gotten the right dosage figured out for her […]