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Halloween Decorations for Art supplies

I’m not much of a shopper, but I love hitting stores around the holidays in search of decorations. If you’ve seen my book Print & Stamp Lab, you know that I like to¬†repurpose those decorations into¬†art supplies & tools. And, I love getting them at a discount! Since I heart skulls & skeletons, I get […]

Beginning New Work

Today I got back to work with art and started on some new pieces.   To an outsider, (or the mentally unbalanced part of me that feels like I’m a slacker and should get more done), I didn’t really do much. Tangibly, that is true because all I “did” was print out some photos on […]

Getting Back to Art Making

Lately I’ve been feeling out of sorts. It’s kind of hard to explain, but I knew I wasn’t feeling “right.” I was feeling stressed, and not grounded. Other than being exhausted, I think a big reason was because I hadn’t been “making meaning” according to Eric Maisel– which for me is making art. It’s so […]