Getting Back to Art Making

Lately I’ve been feeling out of sorts. It’s kind of hard to explain, but I knew I wasn’t feeling “right.” I was feeling stressed, and not grounded. Other than being exhausted, I think a big reason was because I hadn’t been “making meaning” according to Eric Maisel– which for me is making art.

It’s so funny how I can get into a healthy habit that is so obviously good for me, and then so easily get out of it when things come up that make me feel like I don’t have enough time for that healthy habit. Self-care really needs to be non-negotiable for me. I know this, but sticking to it is hard for some reason.


This is a piece I had started earlier, and worked on more today. It might be done, but I’ll have to sit with it to decide.

I haven’t been on my art schedule the last few weeks, because as usual, I felt I had too much other work that had to get done, and I only have so much time because I haven’t cloned myself yet. While I was working in my journal Wednesday, I really enjoyed it, and I had yet another aha moment of “oh yeah, I need to get back to making art every day.” And instead of saying “I’ll start Monday,” I started today. I’m participating in Final Friday next Friday, which is Lawrence’s downtown gallery crawl, so I need to get some pieces finished up.


I didn’t get a lot done this morning, but I did work for an hour, and got the juices flowing for ideas for some new pieces. And now I can get on with my day and feel happy because regardless what happens the rest of the day, I started the day with making meaning.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Traci. I do the same thing – deprive myself of the experiences and activity that keeps me level, or at least angled up!

    By the way, you recent posts on photograhy have caused me to download some apps and play. In a stolen moment I get to do something creative although I have yet to use photographs on my pages, I do post some of them on my blog.

  2. I recently stumbled across your website, and love your work! I love all the bright colors you use, and how you layer words in your journals. I tend to stick to one phrase, if I even decide to include words, in my journals, and I’m suddenly having an urge to write more in it. I recently started posting about my journals, and would love for a seasoned journal blogger to check it out and give me feedback! I also have down art times, but once I get back into the groove of things it’s like I never took a break. Good luck with your upcoming art crawl!

  3. Traci, I absolutely LOVE watching your process, and I know just what you are going through because I am going through that right now. I usually write in my journal (on pre-prepared pages) everyday, but in the last two weeks I just can’t get myself to do it for some reason. Everyday i think “I must get back to this”, but I don’t. Weird! Hopefully I will get my mojo back soon!

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