30 Days of Get Your Art On – 10.03.12

Today I took photos with my iPod during my morning walk with my dog, Ruby. Here are some of the ones I like the best.

TraciBunkers.com - get-your-art-on-10-03-12c


Of course they were all taken in the cemetery across the street from my house since that’s where we take our morning walks.


TraciBunkers.com - get-your-art-on-10-03-12e


I used the Hipstamatic photo app for most of them.


TraciBunkers.com - get-your-art-on-10-03-12a


I’m always intrigued by shadows.


TraciBunkers.com - get-your-art-on-10-03-12d


Some of the photos are unaltered, and some I played with in the BeFunky photo app to add some effects.


TraciBunkers.com - get-your-art-on-10-03-12b


After I finished the walk and played with some of the photos, I worked more on my mixed-media pieces that are in progress. I’ll show photos when I get farther on them. Since I’m working on so many right now, there isn’t a huge noticeable progress from what I showed yesterday.  When I get a little time, I’ll put some of the photos that I took in my shop for sale. Maybe this weekend.

I hope everyone else who is joining me is having a good time so far. And if you can’t make art every day, make it as often a you can. Figure out what works for you. And it’s important to remember that you have to start where ever you are. That means with what ever time you have, what ever space you have to work in, with what ever tools or supplies you have. If you wait until you have more room to work, or more time, or money to buy fancy paint, or whatever your excuse is that’s holding you bak, you’ll never get started.

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  1. I am having such a grand time this week playing with several things all at the same time, well, NOT all at once, but where I can leap-frog about while one thing is “resting” or “waiting” or I am simply NOT sure where it is going next.
    This is my latest BE Currie post for Photo Art Friday.

    I’ve got a couple other things I’d like to share here, in particular one painting that is in its 11th incarnation. I’ve let it sit for several days to see what might move me to DO next. Somehow I have discovered it’s important when I am painting with paint [as opposed to painting with paper and photographs] I need to s l o w w a y down. MayBE that is why this one has been through so many incarnations?! ;~D

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