30 Days of Drawing – 12.16.11

Tonight I started coloring in the paisley doodles that I drew yesterday. I didn’t get completely finished, but my neck was hurting from looking down, and I’m pretty pooped.  Today I shipped off some of the projects for the kid’s book I’m writing. YAY! I’m half way done with the projects now. So, I’ll finish […]

30 Days of Drawing – 12.15.11

I’m working on a children’s book right now, and today I worked on some of the projects. I didn’t want to work until crazy late, like I sometimes do, so I called it a night to do my drawing for the day. I felt like drawing paisleys! Working this way, drawing lots of different things […]

30 Days of Drawing – 12.14.11

Tonight I was pretty tired, so I just wanted to chill, and do something colorful. It’s pretty relaxing to work this way. I really like playing with repeating patterns, and I’m working on some ideas that I might want to do with fabric. I used the fine end of an Identi-Pen (it has a fine-point […]

30 Days of Drawing – 12.13.11

As soon as I sat down, Shelby was on my lap. So I started to sketch her and she kept moving.   Then she settled down, but she was between me and my sketch book. It was very interesting drawing what was between my eyes and my hands. I really love sketching with my Pitt […]

30 Days of Drawing – 12.12.11

I decided to draw a self-portrait tonight. I used Photo Booth on my mac to take a picture, and then drew from looking at the computer screen. I drew with a Pitt Artist Pen – fine point, and used my Koi watercolor set. I kept working it, and telling myself to stop because I was […]