30 Days of Drawing – 12.09.11

12.09.11 sketch at lunch

I’ve been wanting to get out and draw for awhile now. Today I finally did it! I told myself I could go out for lunch as long as I drew there, and had enough leftovers for dinner!

I thought Zen Zero would be a cozy place on a cold, dreary day. I had forgotten how very dark it is inside. And I also forgot that they don’t have veggie spring rolls, which I was craving. But I stayed because I knew the food would be good, and I could just draw in the dark.

Zen Zero before I started drawingtaken using ScratchCam

I drew what was on my table while I waited for my food. Then when it came, I kept on working, and nibbled here and there until I was done. The waitress was really nice and brought me some extra napkins to blot the watercolor. I drew with my Sharpie Fine-Point Pen and then added color my Koi watercolor set.

Late lunch and drawing at Zen Zerotaken using Instagram

When I was walking back to my jeep, this window display caught my eye.

Pez Shoe store displaytaken using Hipstamatic

On both sides of the entryway to this shoe store are these display windows, and both had these huge cardboard pez dispensers. The heads were cleverly made out of those collapsible paper shades. I thought it was hilarious and brilliant.

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